CoExec: Comrades-in-Arms for digital projects

For Agencies

CoExec provides consulting, visual and technical design and realization of websites and on- / offline applications for the web and mobile devices.

Individual online development services are mainly geared to swiss clients- agencies and end customers, furthermore CoExec creates professinal tools for software developers, which are built for the demands of the international market of software professionals.

Although being a relatively young one-man business, CoExec does look back to more than 15 years of experience in developing online and offline solutions through the company founder, Kay Stenschke. Having worked independently and employed among several international agencies of the online and advertising business, e.g. producing edutainment titles (advertising- and children games, for example for Ravensburger/Warner Brothers, Ubisoft, Stern, AOL), Animations (e.g. for Sesamystreet/NDR), and Programming of web content management (foremost using TYPO3) and online shops (using Magento) for various clients.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Aristotle)

Aiming for best results through optimal insight, communication and cooperation, the company's owner intermittent enjoys working jointly on the spot at the client's workspace, where required also jointly integrated in the project team on-site. The vision behind CoExec, which also reflects in the name, is the close cooperation with the client: realizing digital projects co-executively, by bringing together the client's expertise in his field and the professional know-how and services of CoExec.

CoExec stands for Co = "together, with multitude" and Exec = "Execute, Realize".
Realization of projects with clients and partners, together and with concentrated power.

The ligature in the logo, combined from the initials of the word brand, symbolizes a swiss power plug: CoExec supports and strengthens- with manpower and technologically.

Digital Comrades-in-Arms

Constantly learning from the requirements of accomplished projects, CoExec develops digital tools, to automate, bundle, and fasten the solving of reoccuring problems.

These tools are provided commercially and as open source software.