Open Source Tools

The following developer tools are available free of charge, as open source software.

Coming soon: commercial developer tools.

We are happy to answer your inquiry on individual developer tools, to improve the effectivity of your developer team.

Shifter Plugin

The Shifter-Plugin (Open Source, 76K Downloads) extends the various development environments (IDEs) from JetBrains with a dictionary of "enumerated" terms. Pressing the Shifter key combo, detects the word at the current caret position and replaces it with the next- larger or smaller term.
Next to a configurable dictionary, Shifter implements alphabetical sorting, shifting of variables and function names, RGB color values ​​(lighter / darker) , various CSS attributes, UNIX timestamps, data types from Java / JavaScript / PHP / Objective- C / SQL / and many others.

Realigner Plugin

The Realigner-Plugin (Open Source, 31K Downloads) extends the various development environments from JetBrains with tools to merge lines, or split selection by inserting newlines, and enclose text selections with text blocks.

Dummy Text Generator

The Dummy Text Generator (Open Source, 53K Downloads) generates meaningful texts in the genres: Fake Latin, Esoteric Wisdom, Culinary inspirations, Pirate Lingo and Science Fiction. The text generator can replace selected text by random text of the same length.

Copy/Paste Stack

Copy/Paste Stack (Open Source, 9K Downloads) is a clipboard manager für the various IDEs from JetBrains.

Open Source Projects

More information and source code of these and other plugins: Jetbrains Plugins Repository