Tools for Software Developers

Mostly for the swiss market, CoExec offers consulting and technical development of web projects.

Learning from the requirements mastered in web/application projects developed for clients, CoExec develops professional tools for international software developers.

Consulting, concept and realization

Together with the client, CoExec plans and realizes websites, online-shops and applications, exactly fitting the individual ideas and requirements of each client.

Depending on the needs of each project and client, we jointly plan and realize the right solution for your project in particular. The choice of technology to be used, where possible varies by the circumstances of the project and client, instead of reusing ready-made templates.

If a specific technology can be implemented better by another service provider, CoExec takes pride in providing independent conception or project management solely, possibly also conveying contact to other cooperation partners where needed. Likewise i am available for freelancing support of agencies, that require a specific technological support or implementation.

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Online Shop, Application or Website? Ask us!

We gladly provide consulting and advice on to which technology and implementation might meet the requirements of your business and your preferences.

Application Development

Developing individual web applications, online shops and websites, CoExec uses a number of state-of-the-art technologies, so-called frameworks. Those are application architectures which are usually quality approved and maintained jointly by developer communities. Allowing the developer to concentrate most of his time and forces on the individual features, the particular client and project requires, instead of using-up time on solving recurring, known problems.

For many smaller websites and applications, the development of an individual complex architecture would not by neccessary, here the use of a micro-framework or PHP without additional framework is recommended. However also implementation of such "vanilla" PHP solutions, benefit from the experiences gained by using and knowing a variety of approved frameworks.